What is Network Management?

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By definition, network management is the process of administering and managing computer networks. A computer network is like an organization because it has many moving parts, and if all these parts don’t work together properly, then your network (or organization) can fail.

Network management is made up of many different components, and an individual company may need more or less of these components. For any network infrastructure, you will hear terms such as network administration, network maintenance, network security, and network provisioning.

Why is network management so important? Let’s talk about it.

3 Main Reasons Network Management is Important.

  1. Avoid network downtime. For a thriving business, network downtime can be very costly. In fact, for some organizations and industries, network downtime can be as costly as $5,000 per minute, or over $300,000 an hour. Not only does network downtime hurt financially, but it also has a negative impact on customer relations.
  2. Improve IT productivity. With secure network management, the IT staff can spend less time worrying about the network and more time focusing on other things. Efficient network management will save money while allowing the IT department to assist with more important technical aspects of the organization.
  3. Improve network security. Placing a solid focus on overall network management means there will already be a protocol in place to maintain proper network security. Instead of waiting until something is compromised to look into security, a solid network management strategy means there will be regular security checks and that compliance requirements will be met.

Network management is a key component in keeping your business healthy and thriving. In this day and age, the digital component of a business is almost more important than the brick and mortar component. Many businesses don’t even have a physical shop, so it’s all about the digital network! Keep your organization in prime shape by expertly managing your network infrastructure. Let’s chat if you require assistance in this area, you won’t regret it!